The EGO is the digitized mind and personality of a character. The mental portion of a character’s abilities are stored in the EGO. EGOs can be backed up in case of an accidental death, at which point the EGO is placed into a new MORPH.

The MORPH is the physical form that a character takes. Characters can change MORPHs much like how they change clothes. If they can afford one, they can implant themselves into a new MORPH. The physical skills are dependent on the MORPH form that a character takes.

A character’s morph may die while the character’s ego lives on (assuming appropriate backup measures have been taken), transplanted into a new morph.

EGO Stats

Initiative [INIT] – The Initiative score determines in what order your character goes in the Action Turn. It is equal to your character’s Intuition + Reflexes divided by 5 (rounded up.)
Lucidity [LUC]LUC measures your character’s mental health and stability. LUC determines how much mental stress your character can take before you are incapacitated or driven insane. LUC is determined by Willpower x 2.
Trauma Threshold [TT] – TT determines if you suffer a trauma each time you receive stress. The higher the TT the more resilent your mind is to the horrors. TT is calculated by dividing Lucidity by 5 (roound up).
Insanity Rating [IR] – IR is the total amount of stress your mind can take before you go permanently insane and are lost for good. Insanity Rating equals LUC × 2.
Moxie – Moxie is used to turn the odds in your favor. Each character starts with a number of Moxie points equal to their Moxie stat. These points can be spent on the following:

  • The character may ignore all negative modifiers that apply to a test. The Moxie point must be
  • spent before dice are rolled.
  • The character may flip-flop a d100 roll result. For example, an 83 would become a 38.
  • The character may upgrade a success, making it a critical success, as if they rolled doubles. The character must succeed in the test before they spend the Moxie point.
  • The character may ignore a critical failure, treating it as a regular failure instead.
  • The character may go first in an Action Phase.

Speed [SPD]SPD determines how often you can act in an action turn.
Durability [DUR]DUR is your MORPHs health/integrity. It determines the amount of health you have before you are incapacitated or killed. DUR is determined by your MORPH.
Wound Threshold [WT] – WT determines whether or not you receive a wound whenever you are injured. The higher the WT, the more resistant you are to injury. WT is calculated by dividing DUR by 5, round up.
Death Rating [DR] – DR is the total amount of damage your MORPH can take before you are killed or damaged beyond repair. Death Rating is equal to DUR × 1.5 for biomorphs and DUR × 2 for synthmorphs.
Damage Bonus – The Damage Bonus stat quantifies how much extra oomph your character is able to give their melee and thrown weapons attacks. Damage Bonus is determined by dividing your Somatics aptitude by 10 and rounding down.


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