Mental Skills

What it is: Control is the use of psi to manipulate individuals or actively penetrate their mental processes. This skill is only available to characters with the Psi trait.

When you use it: Use Control when taking a psionic tour through a foreign ego—messing around included.

Specializations: By sleight
What it is: Investigation is the art of analyzing evidence, piecing together clues, solving mysteries, and making logical deductions from groups of facts. Investigation differs from Perception in that it is the conscious search for clues or pieces of a puzzle.

When you use it: Use Investigation to draw conclusions from assorted details. For example, Investigation could be used to determine the likely sequence of events at a crime scene, determine a possible social connection between two people, or deduce how an enemy made their escape. Investigation is a great way to provide clues to players, especially when the subject matter is something their character might know well but the player does not.

Specializations: Evidence Analysis, Logical Deductions, Physical Investigation, Physical Tracking
What it is: Navigation is the art of finding your way, whether using AR maps, a compass, the stars, or an astrogation AI.

When you use it: Use Navigation whenever you need to plot out a course, determine a direction, or otherwise keep from getting lost.

Specializations: Astrogation, Map Making, Map Reading
What it is: Perception is the use of your physical senses (including cybernetic) and awareness of the physical world around you. Perception differs from Investigation in that it is noticing things by chance, rather than actively searching for something.

When you use it: Use Perception whenever you want to take a detailed account of your surroundings. Perception can also be considered an Automatic Action and so the gamemaster may
call for a Perception Test to determine if you notice something; it is recommended that such tests be rolled secretly by the gamemaster. Perception is also used as an Opposed Test whenever someone around you is trying to be sneaky with Infiltration or Palming.

Specializations: Aural, Olfactory, Tactile, Taste, Visual
PSI Assault
What it is: Psi Assault is the skill of damaging another ego’s mind. It can only be purchased by characters with the Psi trait.

When you use it: Use Psi Assault when attacking another ego’s mind in psi combat.

Specializations: By sleight
What it is: Sense is the use of psi to scan egos. Only characters with the Psi trait may purchase this skill.

When you use it: See Psi

Specializations: By sleight

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Mental Skills

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