Technical Skills

What it is: Demolitions covers the use of controlled explosives

When you use it: Use it when making, placing, and disarming explosives and explosive devices.

Specializations: Commercial Explosives, Disarming, Improvised Explosives
Hardware: [Field]
What it is: This skill encompasses the ability to build, repair, physically hack, and upgrade equipment of a specific type.

When you use it: Hardware is primarily used to repair devices, vehicles, habitat systems, or synthetic morphs. See Building, Repairing, and Modifying below.

Sample Fields: Aerospace (all air and space vehicles), Armorer (armor and weapons), Electronics (all computerized devices), Groundcraft, Implants, Industrial (habitat, factory, and life support
systems), Nautical (watercraft and submarines), Robotics (synthetic morphs)

Specializations: As appropriate to the field

Creating an item from scratch is handled as a Task Action with a timeframe determined by the gamemaster. The timeframe should be set according to the complexity of the object and could range from an hour (constructing a set of shelves) to days (assembling a robot from spare parts) or even months (building a house). Numerous factors may apply modifiers to the test, such as the use of entoptic blueprints/help manuals (+20) or poor working conditions (–10 to –30). Tools are also a factor, perhaps making the job easier (superior tools +10 to +30), more difficult (poor or inadequate tools, –10 to –30), or even impossible (lack of required tools).


Damaged items may be repaired in a similar manner. See the rules for Synthmorph and Object Repair.


Altering an object’s design and function follows the same basic rules as build and repair, above. The timeframe is determined by the gamemaster as appropriate to the modification.

What it is: Infosec is short for “information security.” It encompasses training in electronic intrusion and counterintrusion techniques as well as encryption and decryption.

When you use it: Infosec is used both for hacking into electronic devices and mesh networks and for protecting them. See The Mesh chapter for more details.

Specializations: Brute-Force Hacking, Decryption, Probing, Security, Sniffing, Spoofing
What it is: Interfacing is about using computerized electronic devices and software.

When you use it: Use Interfacing to understand an electronic device you are not familiar with, use a program according to its normal operating parameters, manipulate electronic files of various types (including images, video, XP, and audio files), scan for wireless devices, and otherwise interact with and command your ecto, muse, and other computerized devices. Some Interfacing actions may be Task Actions with a timeframe determined by the gamemaster. For
more detail, see The Mesh chapter.

Specializations: Forgery, Scanning, Stealthing, by program
Medicine: [Field]
What it is: Medicine is the applied care and maintenance of biological beings and life.

When you use it: Use Medicine whenever you need to apply medical care beyond the immediate help
provided by first responders. This includes conducting physical exams, diagnosing ailments, treating problems and illnesses, surgery, using biotech and nanotech medical tools, and long-term care.
*Sample Fields:
Biosculpting, Exotic Biomorphs, Gene Therapy, General Practice, Implant Surgery,
Nanomedicine, Paramedic, Pods, Psychiatry, Remote Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Uplifts (by type), Veterinary

Specializations: As appropriate to the field
What it is: Programming is your talent at writing and modifying software code.

When you use it: Use Programming to write new programs, modify or patch existing software, break copy protection, find or introduce exploitable flaws, write viruses or worms, design virtual settings, and so on. See The Mesh chapter. Programming is also applied when using nanofabrication devices.

Specializations: AI Code, Malware, Nanofabrication, Piracy, Simulspace Code

Nanofabrication is use of Programming skill to create objects using a cornucopia machine, fabber,
or maker. If you have appropriate blueprints and raw materials, most uses of a nanofabricator can be treated as a Simple Success Test. If you wish to create an item for which you do not have blueprints or the proper raw materials, however, or you wish to alter an item’s design, then a Nanofabrication Test is called for.

Specializations: Art, Clothing, Electronics, Food, Forgery, Weapons

What it is: Psychosurgery is the use of machine aided psychological techniques to repair, damage, or manipulate the psyche.

When you use it: Use Psychosurgery to attempt the tricky process of editing someone’s mind. Psychosurgery can be used beneficially to help patients who remember their deaths, feel disconnected after remorphing, or have experienced other sorts of mental traumas. This skill may also be used to interrogate, torture, or otherwise mess with captive minds in a VR environment.

Specializations: Memory Manipulation, Personality Editing, Psychotherapy
What it is: Research is the skill for looking up information on the mesh: searching, sifting, mining, and interpreting data. This includes knowing where to look, what links to follow, and how to optimize your queries.

When you use it: Use the Research skill whenever you need to look up the answer to a question, find databases, search archives, or track down anything online. Research is typically a Task Action with the timeframe and difficulty modifier determined by the gamemaster.

Specializations: Tracking, by information type

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Technical Skills

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